Integrating Functional Genomics for Identification of Candidate Genes

Vamsi Mootha; Paul Pavlidis; Richard Lempicki; Mark Vawter
Society Of Biological Psychiatry 59th Annual Conference. 2004.


This workshop addresses the microarray, genomic, and proteomic datasets that are accumulating at a rapid pace due to advances in high throughput laboratory research methods. The workshop participants from academic laboratories will address data-mining tools, and integrative approaches to sieve the valuable information that is accumulating in published and unpublished datasets with a focus on microarray data. Dr. Paul Pavlidis will present large-scale analysis of gene co expression for functional discovery with potential applications for identifying candidate genes. Dr. Vamsi Mootha will focus on bridging multiple databases including functional genomic datasets and protein datasets in the public domain to discover disease causative genes (Accelerating disease gene discovery through integrative genomics). Dr. Richard Lempicki will present methods for to compare list(s) of gene expression values, and determine the significance of lists using statistical probability. The software developed in Dr. Richard Lempicki's group will be discussed. Dr. Marquis Vawter will discuss software algorithms that can lead to differences in the genes selected. This presentation will focus on the results of different microarray algorithms that evaluate 'spike-in' controls from Affymetrix datasets. The workshop participants will address the limitations and potential of using integrative genomics to enable the discovery of valuable relationships within the microarray datasets that are being generated as well as linking these datasets to public annotation.