Integrated Literature and Data Exploration Using Interactive Brain Maps

W. Xuan; M. Dai; J. Buckner; B. Mirel; J. Song; H. Dong; M. Bota; B. Athey; H. Akil; W. Stanley; F. Meng
Proceedings of BioLink 2009. 2009.


Existing literature exploration solutions treat anatomical structures as concepts or at most concept diagrams, missing critical spatial information about different structures such as size, location, substructure and the relationships among them. Such information is important for developing comprehensive understanding of the biological implications of structure-specific data such as brain imaging data and gene expression patterns in different brain regions. PubAnatomy is our attempt to use interactive anatomical structure graphs derived from voxel level imaging data to address some of the issues for literature-driven exploration of neurobiological data sets. It provides new ways to explore relationships among brain structures, pathophysiological processes, gene expression levels and protein-protein interactions by presenting Medline literature and experimental data in the context of mouse brain anatomy and gene network. Our solution can be easily extended to any annotated voxel level imaging data as well as integrating third party molecular level data and analysis functions. The prototype of PubAnatomy is at: