Cross-Domain Neurobiology Data Integration and Exploration

W. Xuan; M. Dai; J. Buckner; B. Mirel; J. Song; H. Dong; B. Athey; S. J. Watson; F. Meng
BMC Genomics. 2010; 11(s3):s6.


Understanding the biomedical implications of data from high throughput experiments requires solutions for effective cross-scale and cross-domain data exploration. Our work integrates molecular level data with high level biological functions using anatomical structure as a scaffold. The Flex-based PubAnatomy web application we developed enables highly interactive visual exploration of literature and experimental data for understanding the relationships between molecular level changes, pathways, brain circuits and pathophysiological processes. PubAnatomy also allows the sharing of intermediate data exploration results with other web applications, greatly increasing the power of cross-domain data exploration and mining. The prototype of PubAnatomy is freely accessible at: