DNA microarray analysis of functionally discrete human brain regions reveals divergent transcriptional profiles

Evans, S. J.; Choudary, P. V.; Vawter, M. P.; Li, J.; Meador-Woodruff, J. H.; Lopez, J. F.; Burke, S. M.; Thompson, R. C.; Myers, R. M.; Jones, E. G.
Neurobiology of Disease. 2003; 14(2):240-250.


Transcriptional profiles within discrete human brain regions are likely to reflect structural and functional specialization. Using DNA microarray technology, this study investigates differences in transcriptional profiles of highly divergent brain regions (the cerebellar cortex and the cerebral cortex) as well as differences between two closely related brain structures (the anterior cingulate cortex and the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex). Replication of this study across three independent laboratories, to address false-positive and false-negative results using microarray technology, is also discussed. We find greater than a thousand transcripts to be differentially expressed between cerebellum and cerebral cortex and very few transcripts to be differentially expressed between the two neocortical regions. We further characterized transcripts that were found to be specifically expressed within brain regions being compared and found that ontological classes representing signal transduction machinery, neurogenesis, synaptic transmission, and transcription factors were most highly represented.