Interactive Medline Search Engine Utilizing Biomedical Concepts and Data Integration

W. Xuan; M. Dai; B. Mirel; J. Wilson; B. Athey; S. J. Watson; F. Meng
Proceedings of BioLink 2007: Linking Literature, Information and Knowledge for Biology. 2007.


Existing Medline search solutions do not effectively utilize extensive biomedical concepts presented in Medline records nor relevant information from external databases. While a number of novel Medline search solutions are quite interesting, none of them provides effective solutions for the large-scale exploration of literature and the underlying biomedical conceptual relationships, which are necessary for the understanding of high throughput biomedical data. We develop a novel Medline exploration solution by combining interactive visual analysis with entity recognition results for various types of biomedical concepts as well as their inherent relationships defined in external databases. The prototype of our solution, PubViz, is based on the FLEX platform and it is available at: aMining/PubViz.